Member Token Distribution / ICO Start Date

26th January 2018


Total Tokens Assigned


Total dHealth Members



Global Health Community

Connecting researchers, healthcare service providers, healthcare consumers and healthcare benefactors:


  • Empowered patient centred and patient managed care
  • Fast access to multiple verified second opinions
  • Indelible tracking of healthcare outcomes and provider ratings
  • Financial support platform for collaborative healthcare research
  • Research quality data
  • Unlimited access to current healthcare outcomes not constrained by 10+ year studies

Global Health Payments

Be part of a new Global Health Economic Jurisdiction

  • Peer to Peer healthcare commerce
  • Immediate trusted payment delivery
  • Fully funded ecosystem
  • Soverign Health Fund
  • Peer to peer microloans
  • Community driven global fundraising and philanthropy

Smart Contracts With Human Oversight

No middle-man, no back-room deals, just transparent, indelible and fast transactions.


  • Community supporting community insurance like smart contracts
  • Subjective assessment based on case-by-case experience
  • Independent objective researchers assessing the data
  • Request community-driven arbitration if necessary

ERC20-Compliant Tokens

Industry-leading tokens on the Ethereum platform.

  • Multi-sig wallet purchase capable
  • 20+ exchanges support ERC-20 including Poloniex, Bitfinex and Kraken
  • Most compliant and secure token type available
  • Large community support for the technology

dHealth Membership is Now Open

Our global platform for health and financial well being.


Interested in dHealthNetwork?

  • Limiting amounts of tokens purchased by individual entities to less than 200,000
  • Total Tokens Minted will be 500,000,000
  • Public sale will be 360,000,000 Tokens
  • Post sale  - a community contract will allow for a vote to burn excess / unused tokens. (See Constitution)