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"dHealthNetwork has an in-depth approach to personal health with a sound financial strategy. I am excited to be see this project has now launched."
- Thomas McAlister, DMC Australia
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A global peer to peer health platform that connects users, service providers, researchers and benefactors

dHealthNetwork is a decentralised social healthcare platform that will change lives on a global scale. It’s core function utilises blockchain technology to globally impact a range of health related needs from individual consultations to large scale projects in a secure and transparent framework.

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“72% of the funds raised by dHealthNetwork goes to support smart contract enabled Action-Projects”

- Ivan Jasenovic, dHealthNetwork
2015 Genesis


Founder Ivan J, starts developing a distributed cloud platform “myHealth IRL” for secure file storage through Sicoor, a network security company in QLD, Australia.

2015 February

First encrypted medical record transfer

First encrypted file transfer with embdedded universal viewers developed to allow doctors to view records created in other systems without blockchain.

2016 March

Launched Sunshine Coast Blockchain Meetup Group, raised seed funding

Ivan J starts the Sunshine Coast Blockchain Meetup Group with record attendance weekly. Seed funding raised from these meetups, as well as conferences and representation nationally and internationally.

2016 April

Listed as #10 DAPP and on Considerate

Founder, Ivan J is introduced to Ethereum and adopts technology to myHealthIRL to create the first medical based Ethereum blockchain solution listed on the DAPP with favourable reviews on Considerate

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2016 August

Founder starts openCo-Lab with other notable members

Ivan J becomes a member of the highly regarded blockchain group openCo-Lab including Thomas Miller (ConsenSys), Lucas Cullen (Consensys Pitch Comp NY Winner), Felix Watkins (Circle ICO), Barry Earsman (Consensys), Steven Alexander (Thought Leader)

2017 February

Concept wins Innovation Centre Health pitch competition

Prize money and exposure is used towards the research and development of a comprehensive blockchain solution for healthcare.

2017 August

Office opened in Dubai

To best serve the outcomes of the ownership of health records for healthcare consumers and providers, dHealthNetwork opened an office in Swiss Tower, Internet City, Dubai

2017 November

Enabling Partnerships forged

Crucial relationships forged with significant partners such as KPMG, Telos (Dubai), MeSearchr, securevote, DMAC Corp, CoView, and more.

2018 26 Jan

Member Token Distribution

dHealthNetwork goes to public coin offering with dHt, the dHealth Token. Funds raised to enable the development of dHealthNetwork

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2018 Q1

Implement constitution

The constitution is refined and released for vote on the dHealthNetwork by members. The constitution & trust framework defines the legal context to enable operation as fully autonomous legal entity with human oversight.

2018 Q2

Technology Progression

  • Development of toolkit and framework to support Action Projects
  • Unveiling first 10 Action Projects
  • First Action Project payouts will begin automatically from vesting contracts
  • Early access voting integration service launched
2018 Q3

Beta Development Targets Reached

  • Early trial of new MyHealthIRL app released based on dHealthNetwork toolkit
  • Early trial of AI Diagnoses service made available
  • Early trial of secure end to end communications service made available
2018 Q4

Digitally Mined Asset Wallets Integration

  • DMACs integrated with Action Projects to provide a digitally mined asset backed "bond" to underwrite and insure the project
  • Licensed mining via proof of stake blockchain begins
  • SecureVote partner releases equitable Action Project voting and beta community voting with liquid democracy, flat democracy, meritocracy options and jury based arbitration
2019 Q1

dHealth Network Research Engagement

  • Integration with partner MeSearchr to engage medical researchers with research proof of stake blockchain
  • Central Health Bank partners with Digital Vaults Corporation to create first electronic safety deposit box process in Dubai providing health sovereigncy around medical data and bioinformatics
2019 Q2

Expansion and Acquisition

  • Further expansion with partners to reach more healthcare consumers and providers
  • Acquisitions and strategic partnerships for growth in new service and toolkit capabilities including medical services, realtime appointments, file record automation, file record reconciliation, and medical file search across multiple governmental systems
  • Continue to service the dHealthNetwork and the dHealth Decentralised Health Organisation
2019 Q3

Goal: Become the source of research data that links the WHO and the UN

Petition to have the dHealth Decentralised Health Organisation as a self sovereign veridical entity beholding only to its members creating a new, extra-governmental health economic jurisdiction. From this vantage point, we seek to become the source of research data that links the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations (UN).

Partners / Advisors
Key Team, Partners, Advisors and Mentors
Ivan Jasenovic
Creator of the dHealthNetwork, visionary and tireless evangelist for equitable healthcare

Ivan Jasenovic
Founder, Visionary
Thomas McAlister

Thomas McAlister
DMC Australia
Steve Asetre

Steve Asetre
Sicoor, Operations
Mic Black
User Experience designer, Software Architect, Bioinformatics Inventor

Mic Black
Experiential Technologist
Peter Pamment

Peter Pamment
Microfinance Consultant
Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller
Barry Earsman

Barry Earsman
Steve Huff

Steve Huff
Max Kaye

Max Kaye
Katrina Donaghy

Katrina Donaghy
Civic Ledger
Gary McAlister

Kerrod Holzheimer
Nathan Spataro

Nathan Spataro
Hamish Doley

Hamish Doley
KPMG Enterprise
Tim Lea

Tim Lea
Author "Down the rabbit hole"
Sally Ernst

Dr Sally Ernst
Australian Cyber Security Network
Greg Chamitoff

Greg Chamitoff

As well as 200+ founding members to help guide the constitution and community growth initiatives

Key Features
dHealth community app

The app is currently available on Android and soon to be released on IOS.

  • It enables members to:
  • Purchase dHt using ETH - a world first!
  • Manage dHt balance
  • See news and updates before it is posted on social media
  • View details and experience demos of action projects
  • Create, vote and invest in health related projects (coming soon)

Stable crypto bond

An industry first crypto bond using a digitally mined asset commodity (DMAC) will maintain a stable value, ensuring that value is preserved and remains constant throughout the global health community. This will be used to fund projects around the world and provide consistency within the volatile cyptocurrency marketplace.

Fundraising for action

Actionable Health Projects are voted on and crowd funded by the member community. The decentralised nature of the community ensures only operators with verified reputations are given the opportunity to run projects. Members can generate revenue in the form of dHt tokens by supporting or participating in Health Projects. By participating in a crowdfunded project, members become a part of the success and profit sharing. This also gives opportunity for members to generate revenue by “renting out” selected portions of data for research or other projects.

Platform for partnerships

Using a proprietary toolkit, dHealthNetwork members will be able to create and implement Action-Projects. Members can integrate their proprietary technology into an existing infrastructure platform that will give them access to the dHealthNetwork community and allow them to build mutually beneficial health services onto the platform.

Ownership of data

Healthcare consumers can create, store and use their own health records and data, controlling who can see the records, and what personal information is shared. Limited access can be granted to medical practitioners or emergency services and second opinions from practitioners around the world can be acquired safely and securely. It is a health platform designed to be fully HIPAA, HL7, ISO9000, ISO9001, ISO27001 compliant. The data is structured to be recognised by all healthcare service providers worldwide.

Global Community

dHealthNetwork has been developed as a global sovereign healthcare community and open blockchain toolkit to create the facilities, financial systems, legal process, and an equitable constitution for globalised healthcare. In 2016, dHealthNetwork fully embraced blockchain technology and digitally mined assets, becoming the first Ethereum healthcare dAPP.

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Competitor Snapshot
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